Coping with Loneliness: While any holiday spent alone can come with its difficulties, coping with a pandemic on top of the holiday season can make it more difficult.

With increased isolation, experts are concerned about an increase of depression and anxiety since humans are social creatures. It is important to note that loneliness not only impacts your mental health but also your physical health.

Here are some recommendations to help you cope with loneliness during the holiday season:

1. Normalize your feelings

Experiencing loneliness is normal. In fact, you are not alone feeling this way. Acknowledging how you are feeling is an important step to maintaining your mental health. Instead of thinking about “how unhappy you are going to be” try asking yourself “then what?” A shift in your mindset can make all the difference.

  1. Seek Connections

Using small outings to experience connection is extremely helpful. You can practice this on trips to the grocery store by asking others how their day is going. Take advantage of online resources like Zoom and organize a call with family or friends. There are many ways to gain connection, even if they are outside of the box.

  1. Finding Balance

Creating a routine, especially during winter can be extremely helpful. It will make you feel more productive and active throughout your day. Take time to catch up on chores and errands, and more importantly find time in your day to do an activity you enjoy.

  1. Pursue Healthy Distractions

Using distractions can help you cope with loneliness, speaking with a family member or friend or watching a holiday movie are examples of healthy distractions. Using these types of distractions can help with loneliness during a temporary amount of time like the holiday season.

Most importantly, remind yourself that this period of isolation is temporary. Covid-19 is not going to last forever, and how you may be feeling right now, is not how you will be feeling forever. We are all in this together.


Source: Alone during the holidays? How to cope when you’re feeling lonely
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