Web Design & Hosting

Custom Web Design & Hosting

Xentas Inc. is pleased to offer Professional Web Design services in addition to our Computer Repair and Lesson services.

We are committed and passionate about helping you create the perfect website to meet your unique business needs and we pride ourselves on exceeding your creative vision. Xentas Inc. understands that we live in a Digital World where competition is fierce, meaning that your online presence is highly important as it’s your first impression and chance to wow viewers.

Don’t let a sloppy, poorly designed website waste your first impression. Today’s customers expect the best, so set yourself apart from the competition and let Xentas Inc. create an attractive, polished website with all the essentials.

Why choose Xentas Inc.?

Offering fully customizable web design packages starting at $399.00+GST, Xentas Inc. has continuously proven that our unmatched attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction is not taken lightly. We have had the pleasure pf working with countless local businesses and their satisfaction has been our driving force.

Transparent package options, NO hidden costs or fees and completely custom designs are just some of the reasons our customers trust Xentas Inc. We recognize that your needs may evolve over time, so we work with you to create a design suited to your current and future needs.

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