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Xentas Inc. offers web design and hosting to small and medium businesses and home users. We also offer Woocommerce Shop solutions.

web design

web design

web design and hosting

We are committed and passionate about helping you create the perfect website to meet your unique business needs. Therefore, we pride ourselves on exceeding your creative vision. Xentas Inc. understands that we live in a Digital World where competition is fierce, meaning that your online presence is highly important as it’s your first impression and chance to wow viewers.

Don’t let a sloppy, poorly designed website waste your first impression. Today’s customers expect the best, so set yourself apart from the competition and let Xentas Inc. create an attractive, polished website with all the essentials.


web design and hosting

Your website is the backbone of your business. Websites that are performing slow, or are down frequently, can cost you valuable sales. And more importantly, your customers to lose confidence in your business. Always choose a reputable web hosting provider!

Get started with our reliable Canadian web hosting instantly. If you are coming from another web hosting provider, our experts will migrate your existing site over. We handle the entire process for you, ensuring that there is absolutely no downtime during the migration. Your website is the key to your business, and at Xentas Inc. we keep your website running at lightning-fast speeds, and with 99.99% uptime.

Therefore, Canadians choose Xentas Inc. when they are looking for a fast and reliable hosting provider.


why choose xentas inc.?

web design and hosting

Offering fully customizable web design packages starting at $399.00+GST, Xentas Inc. has continuously proven that our unmatched attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction is not taken lightly. We have had the pleasure of working with countless local businesses and their satisfaction has been our driving force.

Transparent package options, NO hidden costs or fees, and completely custom designs are just some of the reasons our customers trust Xentas Inc.

We recognize that your needs may evolve over time, so we work with you to create a design suited to your current and future needs.


Why you need a website

The importance of a website

A website can bring several advantages to a business of almost any size. A professional website can promote a business locally or worldwide as well as reach out to potential sales and customers on a platform that’s open 24 hours a day.

People are checking out companies online before they make a purchase or visit to their location. And this means without a website your business could be completely off the map for acquiring new business.

One of the largest misconceptions about websites for your business is that they need to be established only for e-commerce or selling products online. Using e-commerce has been a very popular tool for website creators but having a web presence that reaches out to potential customers is far more important. If most businesses were able to establish an Internet presence with a webpage of their own, they would begin to see the economic value that building even a simple website could have for a brand. If you are interested in getting started with your own website economically, you’ll need to begin with a web hosting service.

Web Design and Hosting by Xentas Inc.

Xentas Inc. can do everything for you: We host your website, we store your data, we design and build your website. And you get full control of your website.

Reasons & Benefits

Building a website can increase your revenue:

With 81% of customers now researching businesses before they make a visit or a purchase decision, you will need a website to have a chance at capturing a portion of the market. Your website will be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and this means that even when your business hours are closed, you’ll have chances to convert sales. Websites also help you in the process of obtaining customer referrals and competing with other businesses in your industry.

A website builds credibility:

In a series of ongoing web studies, it’s been discovered that around 56% of web users surveyed would not trust a business that didn’t have their own website. Building a web presence can make your business see much more legitimate. And it’s quite possible that you won’t have any credibility without the help of some form of a website.

Having a great first impression for your business is important and if you can’t make that impression with the right website, you could lose customers quickly. Our comprehensive website design can showcase all your experience, demonstrate your products and place yourself in a good position for capturing a portion of the market.

A website doesn’t have to be costly:

A website currently offers some of the best return on investment at of any other marketing campaign you can invest it. If you are marketing your business, it’s very important that you start with a website and with building your web presence. It’s ultimately quite a low investment to get your business website going, especially with the ongoing sales and referrals that you can create.

If you are especially worried about the upfront costs, keep in mind that a website and web development can also be written off as a business expense.

Websites will save you time:

Websites can improve your customer service and with tools like chat bots, online scheduling, online messaging and social sharing, you can connect with your customers much more readily. A website can really save time with business inquiries through FAQ’s and other tools and by introducing a quality website you can work to save time on almost every aspect of your business.

It offers great positioning for your brand:

Having a platform for your brand online can be an excellent way that you can connect all your social media accounts, online content and more. It can act as a conduit for positioning your brand in the market and bring a cultivated experience for your customers. Many businesses open their website for online reviews and with nearly 80% of online users trusting online reviews as they would a personal referral, this can act as a powerful referral marketing technique for your business.

Your website is open all the time and to a global audience:

Having a website that’s open all the time can make sure that your business is no longer constrained to the opening hours that you have placed upon it. Customers can look at your products and even make purchase decisions no matter what time they are viewing your website.

With a website as well, you can capture the attention of a worldwide audience. You could introduce international shipping for your products as well as make sure that people from across the world can read about the products and services that your offering. Having a global audience ensures that your business can continue its growth rapidly.

Growing and targeting a larger market:

If you have an off-line business currently, just adding support for your website ensures that you can take on a larger number of clients or even increase your sales. You don’t have to change your working hours or your location, you can instantly open yourself up to a larger market just by launching a website.

Focused marketing on a youth audience:

Some of the most prominent web users today are in the youth market and if you need to attract younger customers with your product, creating a website is one of the best ways to connect with this demographic.

Offering focused answers about your brand:

Your customers are likely seeking out specific information about your brand in order to make a purchase decision. Publishing a wide array of articles and information about your brand online is one of the best ways that you can impress your clients and help influence purchase decisions. You can give your customers tangible answers about your brand at any time of day with the right website.

You can add continual value with a marketing plan:

By adding in support for social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can have a steady stream of content that can increase your brand’s value. Introducing giveaways and other fun content creation opportunities can also improve the amount of user generated content online about your brand. Continuing with a marketing plan or strategy that you can use on your website and across social sites will help you maximize online content.

Online sales can help your business grow and achieve new goals:

Opening your business for online sales can really help you get closer to your business goals. Having a quality website can make it easier to structure your business while giving your employees more flexibility. Creating new goals for online sales, views and content will help you stay on track.

The e-commerce industries also on the rise with sales in heavily populated countries like India now spanning over $675 billion each year. Without a website that takes international sales you could be losing out on a large market. You may not necessarily have to give up on your brick-and-mortar location, but you could open to online sales for even greater growth.

A website can be an excellent tool for your staff:

Creating subdomains and tools for your employees can give your staff a resource center to connect. You can create online scheduling, vacation requests or the chance for your staff to connect by uploading pictures and guides to help customers. Having an online resource for your staff can improve training, communication and collaboration and your business can see an instant uptick in value just by providing simple and inexpensive tools online.

Web Design and Hosting by Xentas Inc.



Having a website has become crucial for a business. With 75% of the market judging a company’s credibility by their website, if you aren’t online it’s likely that you are not credible to 75% of the market. More users are also turning to accessing sites on their phones while they are out. When you do go to create a business website, make sure that it is compatible with a mobile device by using a responsive website design. With 60% of all Internet traffic now being routed through mobile devices like phones and tablets, it’s time for your business to get online with a compatible website.

If your business is currently off-line it’s time to start seriously considering building your online presence and entering a marketplace where your business can be instantly more competitive.

Web Design and Hosting by Xentas Inc.

Xentas Inc. is here to help you. We host your website, we store your data, we design and build your website. And you get full control of your website. Book a free consultation today!

Content Writing

What is copywriting?

Put simply, copywriting is sharing your ideas and thoughts through words. Easier said than done, you might be thinking. And that’s where we come in.

Do you know what you want to say but the words escape you? Are you looking to clearly express your messages in a way that captures your audience’s attention? We can help.

Developing fresh ideas is the best part of copywriting

Well, at least that’s what we think. We love finding the right words to get your message across effectively and efficiently; words that grab your audience’s attention, keep them hooked, educate them, and sometimes makes them chuckle.

Between running your business and trying to attract more customers, can you really afford to take time out for copywriting?

Our copywriters spend time understanding your business, including your unique strengths and best qualities. Only then do they start crafting the right content for your company.

What can we write for you? If it’s not listed here, we can probably still help you.


  • blogs
  • social media
  • website
  • email
  • infographics
  • white papers
  • bios
  • new releases


  • brochures
  • newsletters
  • manuals
  • business, marketing, or communications plans
  • annual reports

Internal Communications

  • presentations
  • employee manuals
  • brand guidelines

Spoken words

  • speeches
  • video scripts

Let our team find the words that keep your readers reading and your listeners listening.

Copyediting & Proofreading

Copyediting and proofreading improve content

How do you know when you need copyediting or proofreading services? Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Do you already have the copy, but you cringe at the typos, grammar, and inconsistencies that exist?
  2. Do you lack the time or resources to edit reams of print materials or online content?
  3. Is your audience coming back to you with questions and seem confused after reading your content?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we should talk about how our copyediting and proofreading services can change your answer!

What can our copyediting and proofreading do for you?

With our copyediting and proofreading services, we bring a fresh set of eyes to rework your copy, remove those pesky typos, and fix questionable grammar and inconsistencies. Whether you want surface edits or an in-depth scrub, we:

  • edit word usage, verb tenses, and phrasing, making your content flow.
  • double-check content references like names, titles, and web links.
  • ensure consistency in captions, headings, and branding elements.
  • improve sentence structure and word choice.

Line by line, page by page, key point by key point, our second set of eyes will eradicate errors, clarify the unclear, and remove the redundant. We aren’t being harsh; we just care about your brand reputation too.

Let’s work together to ensure you have the copy you need, or your clients want.


A marketing audit can save you time and money

Is your audience not responding to your messages and content? Have different people worked on your marketing plans, tools, and platforms? Are you wondering why your competition is doing so well with their marketing and yours seems to fall flat? With a thorough and solutions-driven audit, we’ll work with you and your team to find some answers.

We’ll dive into your branding platforms, website and social media tools to find why your audience is receiving mixed messages. Let’s end their confusion. We will also check out what your key competitors are doing to get in front of their clients. Remember, what you want to achieve has probably already been achieved. There really is no need to re-invent the wheel.

A Xentas marketing audit will not only find solutions that strengthen your brand, but it will also help you save time and money. Do you really want to throw more resources at new, and typically, costly marketing tactics, when tweaking or strengthening your existing platforms might just do the trick?

What’s more, an audit will highlight strategies that can improve your market reach and demonstrate what these strategies might look like.

Let’s work together to find solutions.

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