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Computer Services & Repair: Enjoy the Convenience of an In-Home or On-Site Technician. Let Xentas Inc. fix your tech problems so you can get back to what you do best. Located in Calgary, we proudly serve Calgary and surrounding areas with no travel charges within city limits. A slow computer, malware or a virus, hard drive failure or not being able to power on can definitely put a damper in your day.

Computer Lessons & Tutorials: Learn New Skills, Increase your Knowledge and Gain Confidence. Don’t get left behind in a technology wasteland. Let Xentas Inc. help you with all your computer needs.

Web Design & Hosting: You Decide, We Design – New, Redesigned or E-Commerce. We are committed and passionate about helping you create the perfect website to meet your unique business needs and we pride ourselves on exceeding your creative vision. Offering fully customizable web design packages starting at $399.00+GST, We have had the pleasure of working with countless local businesses and their satisfaction has been our driving force.

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Computer Services and Repair, Computer Lessons and Tutorials, Web Design and Hosting, Print Solutions


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