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Computer Security

Computer Security The Internet has transformed our lives in many good ways. Unfortunately, this vast network and its associated technologies also have brought in their wake, the increasing number of security threats. The most effective way to protect yourself from these threats and attacks is to...

Scam: Virus message popped up

A "virus" warning popped up? Do not call that number! Do not get scammed! Over the last few months, we had several customers who were scammed. We just want to send out a reminder that those messages and phone calls are scam. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact...

Windows10: Fall update

Microsoft announced the Windows 10 fall creators update. This update is only for Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop computers. If you see your computer being ready to update please allow the computer to update and please don’t interrupt the process. If you have any questions regarding the update please...

System Clean Up and Tune Up

This service includes: 1. Deep root virus scan 2. System clean up 3. Windows registry cleanup 4. Windows System check 5. Internet Cookie removal 6. Tracking cookie scan $59 special offer As always with Xentas Inc. you don't pay for travel to your place. Have a great sunny week and hope to see you...


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