Xentas Inc.

About Us

Behind the scenes

Xentas Inc. started in December of 2014 in Calgary, Alberta. Christian Fruhen developed a passion for technology at a young age. He discovered there were large gaps in tech services, especially for older adults and seniors. For instance, large technology retailers and chains were not offering honest, reliable, and trustworthy services. In other words, these in-demand services certainly were not readily available or easily accessible to this segment of individuals.

Since its inception, Xentas Inc.’s focus has been on providing exceptional technology services, both in-home and on-site. And with a specific mission to reach countless people who are struggling with various computer and technology problems. In short, large retail chains often push customers into new tech and trends, without proper assistance in operating the technology. At Xentas Inc. we take the time to patiently integrate new technology into our customer’s lives. This hands-on approach shortens the gap between technology purchase, and end user comfort.


Our experience at Xentas Inc.

With over 29 years of experience in professional computer services and IT troubleshooting, Xentas Inc. remains committed to helping small businesses and home users efficiently, with affordable rates. Along outsourced technology services, it is possible to streamline IT operations. With our help, businesses can run more reliably and efficiently.


Our founder of Xentas Inc.

Christian Fruhen, the founder of Xentas Inc., studied computer technology in Germany where he was born. He graduated from university in 1995 and has been taking on regular training to stay current with today’s tech. Christian is a strong believer in lifelong training with technology for achieving growth in his field. “Over the years, I have gained a wide range of experience in all sorts of IT fields” says Christian. “Over a decade ago, I began to specialize and tailor my services to older adults and seniors. Furthermore, to small businesses to make sure no one was left behind in today’s fast-paced digital world”. In 2016 Christian’s wife Silvana joined Xentas. The new divisions Web Design and Print Solutions were implemented into the business. With over 29 years in business, they continue to offer the same honest service each day.


Our passion at Xentas Inc.

Christian and Silvana are passionate about helping small businesses to succeed. Helping a small business become a regular client is one of Xentas Inc.’s greatest rewards. The focus on building a long-term relationship starts with the delivery of unprecedented support. On the other hand, helping older adults and seniors by making sure they can use technology efficiently while keeping up with constant changes and tech advancements. In conclusion, the overall goal of these lessons is to overcome tech-based challenges and build confidence. Technology should never be something that is paired with frustration, fear or anxiety.

Xentas Inc.’s key factors for success are Reliability, Honesty, Trust and Reputation. “We work hard to make sure your business is efficient and successful. And we work even harder to ensure that older adults and seniors feel comfortable using modern technology”.

Mission – Vision – Values

Xentas Inc.’s mission is to be the most accessible, helpful, trustworthy and reliable partner with an open mind for all your tech needs. We are committed to providing honest service without breaking the bank – our vision extends beyond your tech needs as we are relationship focused. Dedicated and passionate, we stand behind our work and we truly value the people and businesses we work with.


Reflecting back to 1995 when Christian began offering his services, hardly anyone had a computer. Google had not been invented and it was not easy for everyone to have access to this technology. From the very beginning, Christian made it his mission to offer accessible tech education. Education that was also built around trust and transparency. It is this honesty that has kept him and Xentas Inc. such an in-demand service for so many years.

Xentas Inc. is a company ready to work with you.

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